Terms and Conditions

All services provided should be used only for legitimate purposes. They are prohibited transmission,
Storage or presentation of any information, data or material in violation of any applicable local, state or federal United States. That includes, without excluding other material copyrighted material which we judge that it is obscene, material protected by trade secret law and other statutes. You agree to shoulder, bear the costs and indemnify us for any claim arising out of use of our services that he may cause harm to you or any other party.

Pornography and any marketing related to sex are prohibited in all our servers. That includes anything that might suggest or imply sexual content, or links (links or links) to other sites with such content.
Achost will be the sole judge for determining violations of this provision. They are also prohibited sites that promote illegal activity or submit content that might harm our servers or any other Internet server. The links to other sites with such content are also prohibited.

Examples of content or links unacceptable:
- Software pirate
- Files or programs Hacker
- Sites Warez
- Sites with pornographic content or only for adults
- music ilegal (files MP3)

We will evaluate the information (where appropriate) for judging what constitutes a violation of these principles.


Achost Is not responsible for any damage caused by the services we provide, and we do not guarantee or financial compensation of any kind for any injury caused directly or indirectly by The services we provide.

Advertising - Email: SPAM is strictly prohibited, or sending unsolicited mail, from our servers or by using a mailing address or domain stay in our machines.
In case of detected cases of SPAM emails sent from our server and / or mention their domination, it will then notification and the suspension of the service.
If it occurs repeatedly cases of SPAM, it will then cancel the service without the right to return money.

Implementation of programs in the background (background) we can accept programs that run continuously in the background. Examine case by case basis and determine when that execution causes added expenses to be paid by the user for exceeding the limits of the service concerned in terms of system resources and the needs of the operating system.
IRC: Currently, we do not allow or IRC IRC bots on our servers.

Abuse of service:

Any attempt to sabotage or harm a server or a client is strictly prohibited.
Expulsion Service. We reserve the right to expel, suspend or cancel service to our entire
Discretion. And the risk that your account be discharged without notice and without the right to refunds or compensation.
All accounts and customers who use our services should ratify all these rules precedents. Skipping in the future with any term or condition will cause the immediate deactivation of the account without further explanations or refund for the months of contract pending, if any

Payment System:

Without concrete payment at the end of 5 days, we will cancel your account and all your files will be deleted.
All prices are expressed in the currency of your country.
If you choose a different payment system, you shall ensure that payments arrive at our own 5 days before the start of the period of Rates and Services in question. If we do not receive your payment at least 5 days before the start of the specified period, your account will be considered debtor and have the right to turn off their site. In this case, the cost of revival is $ 10. If you pay by check, please make sure your account is covered. Checks zero or returned by the bank will result in a charge of $ 30


If for any reason you are not satisfied with our services, please let us know. We base our services to the Web Services Pricing and easy and efficient for the client and we always keep satisfied. If for some reason we do not meet their needs, notify in writing and we will stop loading anything in his account at the end of the payment period in progress. No money back for services already paid.

Limit Data Transfer: (monthly data transfer / bandwidth)
Our policy is to notify the customer when an account is about to deplete or exceed their monthly limit, and
Wonder if you are interested in switching to a plan of services and higher prices. If we can not contact the customer, we are not able to upgrade the account or the customer rejects the update, then charged $ 10 for every 10 gigabytes per month.
Achost Reserves the right to change these rules at any time in its sole discretion.
If you have any questions regarding our standards or our services, please contact us.

E-mail: info@achost.com.ar

Achost.com.ar, As a service provider, reserves the right to:

1 - Perform corrections, improvements or changes, when appropriate, information or services offered on its website, without giving rise to any right or claim or compensation, or imply recognition of any responsibility.

2 - Modify this agreement at any time and notify users not to do so, they may not agree with the terms and conditions, thus disabling your account at any time.


The company owns and operates this site and the services provided within it. All content included on this site, including graphics, photographs, logos, sound, data, pictures, audio and video are owned by the company. Any collection, compilation, assembly and selection of the site's contents will be taken as expropriation without authorization and is protected by the laws Argentinas and International copyright. Any other information within the site that is owned by third belongs to them and is protected by the same laws. The content is only for personal use and has no intentions greater assistance to a user's experience of a service with better information. It is strictly forbidden collection, reproduction, modification, transmission, publication or "making available" for the contents. This is also strictly prohibited the sale, whatever their cause, the same.


The content of the site is designed to provide a better service to our users. All the people who work within the company, including employees, officers, consultants and professionals, is desligan from liability for products, services or information that may come to those who use them. For any information you have on the site that is owned by third parties, the company acts only as an intermediary distributor and not as editor of the same. We are not responsible in any way for credibility, truthfulness and / or accuracy of the information. Our intermediation is the same as that of a library and it is limited to that. The user takes any responsibility for the use of this site, including those that could cause harm to others or our company in handling abuse of the information or solutions that are provided on the site.

Privacy Policy

achost.com.ar commitment ensures privacy of its members. This implies absolute confidentiality in the information provided by its customers or users, either through subscriptions or consultations web hosting.

The contact information provided by the user is used to send you alerts, news or any other information related to the web hosting service of gaux.com. The unique identifiers are used to verify the user's identity in our database.



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