About the general service Web hosting Achost.com.ar

1 -
achost.com.ar reserves the right to reject any application for discharge from service if it is not entirely agree with this and other specific arrangements of the service.

2 -
achost.com.ar not agree on their servers any website containing offensive language, racism, pornography, child exploitation, illegal activities and / or any other offensive material and / or links to such sites. Once detected, these sites will be removed immediately and automatically without notice.

3 -
It is forbidden to restrict access to any site located at servers achost.com.ar through passwords or keys.

4 -
achost.com.ar Is not responsible for editing, revising and / or censorship of information, or will verify the content of pages or sites with which the user connects through the search engine and / or directory site. Therefore, achost.com.ar is not responsible for verifying compliance with the rules protecting copyright, the legality or decency of the content of pages that can be accessed through the / the link / s, engine / search / directory is / s that contains the site.

5 -
achost.com.ar discharg any liability to damage or loss of information, in whole or in part, which may be caused by reasons unintentional, accidental or for reasons beyond our company on the sites registered by the user in achost.com.ar.

6 -
achost.com.ar does not accept claims for lost profits before the fall of involuntary service of any of its servers.

7 -
In this regard, achost.com.ar can not guarantee 100% security, but are committed to use all resources at its disposal to preserve the integrity of customer information-users, continuity in time of such information, access speed and reliability of the service generally.

8 - The mark, information, databases, reports, statistics, the design and structure of the site, its software, corporate identity, and copyright achost.com.ar  may not be copied and / or distributed without written permission. Any violation of our intellectual property or any of the items mentioned, it will be considered a criminal act, subject to be resolved by judicial means.

9 -
The information provided by achost.com.ar its users-clients is of a confidential nature.

10 - Similarly, achost.com.ar protects the privacy of its users and does not distribute personal information of its members to other entities, organizations or persons outside the company

11 - Should you wish to low service, it must inform at least 15 days in advance. Otherwise, the payment will automatically debitándose normal way

12 - The information, concepts and opinions discharges on the website of our users-clients do not necessarily reflect the position of achost.com.ar and its employees, managers, directors, shareholders, licensees and franchisees. For this reason, achost.com.ar is not liable for any of the information, opinions and concepts cast at such websites.

13 -
achost.com.ar, Its directors, employees and related companies are not responsible for the content displayed on the websites of its customers-users, whether or not the appropriate authorization to do so. This clause is automatically invalid if they violated ethical norms of decency and tolerance elementary mentioned "above".

14 -
achost.com.ar, Its directors, employees and related companies are not responsible for the delivery, quality, service or any other defect that could present the origin goods, services, information or other materials supplied by customers-users purchased or obtained as a result of the information, advertising, invitations and offers that are made through these sites.

15 -
achost.com.ar Is not responsible for the leakage of information or by the entry of unauthorized users to modify or generate defects on information, systems or equipment, causing any inconvenience to its users.

16 - Any violation of the terms of this contract, may lead to the closure of his personal account.

Disclaimer If you use this site agrees to the following:

1 - Beyond any damage that might produce a user / client, the amount of damage can not be due to higher value-added products at prices took place in the same transaction.

2 - There is no case in which the company can be punished, in any form, for the information that is provided within the site, whether owned or third owned by the same company.

If any of the points of this agreement could not get to be legal, will remove the excess or surplus items at its minimum possibility and the remainder will be valid until it is amended by the same company.

E-mail: info@achost.com.ar

Achost.com.ar, As a service provider, reserves the right to:

1 - Perform corrections, improvements or changes, when appropriate, information or services offered on its website, without giving rise to any right or claim or compensation, or imply recognition of any responsibility.

2 - Modify this agreement at any time and notify users not to do so, they may not agree with the terms and conditions, thus disabling your account at any time.


The company owns and operates this site and the services provided within it. All content included on this site, including graphics, photographs, logos, sound, data, pictures, audio and video are owned by the company. Any collection, compilation, assembly and selection of the site's contents will be taken as expropriation without authorization and is protected by the laws Argentinas and International copyright. Any other information within the site that is owned by third belongs to them and is protected by the same laws. The content is only for personal use and has no intentions greater assistance to a user's experience of a service with better information. It is strictly forbidden collection, reproduction, modification, transmission, publication or "making available" for the contents. This is also strictly prohibited the sale, whatever their cause, the same.


The content of the site is designed to provide a better service to our users. All the people who work within the company, including employees, officers, consultants and professionals, is desligan from liability for products, services or information that may come to those who use them. For any information you have on the site that is owned by third parties, the company acts only as an intermediary distributor and not as editor of the same. We are not responsible in any way for credibility, truthfulness and / or accuracy of the information. Our intermediation is the same as that of a library and it is limited to that. The user takes any responsibility for the use of this site, including those that could cause harm to others or our company in handling abuse of the information or solutions that are provided on the site.

Privacy Policy

achost.com.ar guaranteed commitment to privacy of its members. This implies absolute confidentiality in the information provided by its customers or users, either through subscriptions or consultations web hosting.

The contact information provided by the user is used to send you alerts, news or any other information related to the web hosting service of gaux.com. The unique identifiers are used to verify the user's identity in our database


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