Bank: Santander Rio
Holder Account: Alfonso Fernando
Account Type: Cuenta Unica
Number of account: 005-155151/4
C.B.U.: 0720005288000015515140
DNI: 24750662
CUIT: 20-24750662-5

Bank: Patagonia
Holder Account: Alfonso Fernando
Account Type: Caja de Ahorro en $
Number of Account: 023239985635000
C.B.U.: 0340023408239985635002
DNI: 24750662
                                                        CUIT: 20-24750662-5
Name: Fernando
Surname: Alfonso
Address: Calle 5 Nº1477 dto 4
City: La Plata - Buenos Aires
Cod. Postal: 1900
Country: Argentina
D.N.I.: 24750662

Report of Payments.

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